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Enchanting and Romantic Paris Proposal Packages

You can create a beautiful, bespoke marriage proposal for your beloved with the help of experienced professionals. From elegant dinners and luxurious cruises to private rooftop setups and chateaux, there is something for every budget. Let us be your guide to planning the perfect surprise that will make you cherish this special moment in your lives forever

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Paris Proposal Packages

Part 1: Planning the Proposal

Our Paris proposal packages come with everything needed for crafting the perfect marriage proposal but read on to find out how to make your proposal more magical and moving.

Choosing the Right Package

When planning a marriage proposal in Paris, couples have several options to choose from with special, personalisable packages. Whether you prefer to keep it simple with a single location or include multiple elements for a truly unique experience, there is something for everyone.

Here are some of the factors that should be taken into consideration when selecting the right package:

Budget: There are both basic and luxurious packages available at varying price points.

Location: Popular spots like the Eiffel Tower or Montmartre offer iconic views of the city, while lesser-known locations provide more intimacy and privacy.

Theme: Do you want to capture the spirit of Paris or create a special theme for your proposal? We offer custom concepts tailored to your love story – let us know what’s important to you and we will find the right suppliers to bring your dream to life.

Working with a Proposal Planner

Engaging the help of an experienced, professional planner in Paris takes the stress out of planning your proposal and ensures that every detail is perfect. The benefits of hiring a proposal planner include:

Saving time: A professional can handle all of the necessary tasks associated with organizing a strong proposal package, from finding vendors to coordinating logistics.

Unique insights: Proposal planners in Paris are familiar with all of the top spots for proposals and can bring their expertise to create something exquisite.

Realization of ideas: A good planner will work closely with you to bring your vision to life, making sure all the details align with your

original idea for the perfect proposal. They are masters in making dreams come true.

Selecting the Perfect Location

From historical monuments like Notre Dame Cathedral or La Madeleine Church to modern restaurants along the Seine, Paris provides plenty of breathtaking backdrops for proposing to your partner. Popular spots for proposals often include iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Montmartre, while more private locations such as gardens or chateaux can also make for intimate settings.

Adding Special Elements

You may choose to add special touches to customize your proposal experience even further by including personalized elements into your package. This can range from flowers and candles placed around the chosen location, hiring a musician to play soft melodies during a dinner or decorating a venue with your partner’s favorite flowers –  it all depends on what kind of experience you would like – you can add it all and more if you desire! We can help you with suggestions and tips so that you don’t feel daunted by the planning stages.

Part 2: The Proposal Experience

The best proposal experiences are carefully planned out with attention to detail. Being prepared will help you maintain the perfect romantic atmosphere that all proposals should have.

Setting the Stage

Before setting off on the big day, there are certain logistics to go over when planning the proposals. Firstly, selecting an appropriate date and time for the proposal – this could be based on weather considerations (given that it rains quite often in Paris during winter) or around any other special events taking place at the chosen time/ location. Secondly, creating a romantic atmosphere is essential – and we know exactly how to take care of that!

Capturing the Moment

Capturing photos and/or videos of the moment is often desirable. Hiring a professional photographer or videographer not only ensures high-quality results but also allows you to focus solely on enjoying the beautiful moment without having to worry about recording everything or posing for a selfie. We have a list of professionals in our network who create pieces of art you’ll be eager to display to remember this milestone in your life; they also make great pictures to reveal your engagement to loved ones back home.

If you decide to hire a photographer, here are some tips but we will guide you through the process more:

Arrive early: Arriving early before the appointed time gives your photographer enough time to scout out locations and set up equipment.

Be flexible: Be willing to adjust plans if necessary due to circumstances beyond your control (e.g., rain). A good photographer should know how to handle unexpected issues.

Give direction: Let your photographer know what kind of photos you would like them to take so they can adapt their shooting style accordingly.


Who knows, maybe the proposal in Paris will be just the beginning? Paris is known as the City of Love, offering couples an incredibly romantic and picturesque setting to say “I do” afterwards too. Surprising your beloved with a romantic Paris trip might become a cherished tradition and we can be here to create stunning memories throughout – no matter the occasion.


Expertise and Experience in Parisian Proposals

When it comes to planning a successful marriage proposal, experience is invaluable. With years of practice under our belt, our agency is well-equipped with the skills needed to plan every detail from start to finish. This means couples can have full confidence that everything will run smoothly and magnificently on the big day; all you need to do is show up and let us surprise you too.

Ensuring a Memorable and Romantic Experience

The services provided by a professional agency are designed to ensure that each couple has the perfect, romantic experience unique to them. From selecting a dreamy venue, such as a historic castle or luxury hotel and anything else in between, we are committed to curating unforgettable experiences.

Saving Time, Effort, and Stress

Hiring an experienced agency takes all the stress and hassle associated with organizing your own proposal away. The professionals work hard to take care of everything while keeping an eye on what matters most – making sure you have the most magical day possible.

Tailored Packages for Every Budget

For those working within tighter budgets, we can provide packages tailored accordingly. During consultations with clients, we can discuss budgetary constraints before coming up with solutions that match both needs and expectations. In addition, vendors may offer discounts or promotions exclusively for clients of certain agencies – so don’t be too put off by certain ideas – we might be able to find a way to incorporate your dream details regardless.


So don’t wait any longer, entrust the Paris Proposal Agency with your dream proposal today!

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